During our missionary activity in the developing countries, it comes to our awareness how great and various are the needs of their inhabitants. Even though in many cases we are faced with unimaginable poverty, hunger and the lack of access to fresh water, the Africans do not ask us for food or money. They seek our help in educating their children, which they know, is a chance for a better future. They realise the value of education and they understand that it is the only means for changing their fate.
Thanks to an agreement we have reached with the local institutions, we have launched an education supporting program called “PATRONAGE”. Its main goal is to enable the children from the poorest families to attend school. With your support, with an equivalent of 25 Euros a month, we are able to cover the cost of an essential school kit and one meal for one of our protegés.
Unfortunately, it is often the case that the one meal the children have at school is their only meal that day and their school uniform is their only clothing.
At the moment we work in some of the African countries and in India.
Choose a child you wish to support and pay an equivalent of 25 Euros to the Pallotine Missionary Foundation every month and you will finance its school fee, a uniform and one meal a day. In reality, though, you will grant them so much more!

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